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Frequently Asked Questions

  • YourCase is 100% free. We’ll never ask you for your credit card info or lock you into a commitment. Even if you choose to work with one of the independent lawyers you meet through us, you won’t owe us a penny. As for the lawyers, they work on contingency, which means you’ll only pay legal fees if you’re awarded a settlement.

  • The questionnaire itself should take two minutes or less. At the end, you may choose to be connected with a law office by phone. The length of this call can vary; you may decide to have your consultation right there on the line, or you may keep it brief and arrange a lengthier consultation when it's convenient for you.

  • There are a lot of different types of lawyers, from corporate attorneys to criminal attorneys and everything in between. YourCase focuses on legal issues where the settlement being sought includes financial compensation which can include:

    • Motor vehicle accident
    • Personal injuries
    • Workplace injuries
    • Employment issues
    • Sexual abuse
    • Elder abuse
  • So you’ve been in a car accident. Or maybe you or a loved one is the victim of a workplace violation, sexual abuse or elder abuse. Has someone suffered an injury? Has the incident created emotional or mental distress? Has it created financial hardship? If the answer to any of these questions could be “yes,” then you should talk to an attorney.

  • If you want to receive the best possible settlement, then yes. The lawyers we work with have a lot of experience when it comes to getting their clients the compensation they deserve. They understand the nuances of resolving complex case types, such as auto accidents, sexual abuse, senior abuse and workers’ rights violations. Your lawyer will save you time and energy by helping you navigate the complexities of the legal system, and they’ll use their experiences with cases like yours to help you get an optimal settlement. And because our lawyers only work on commission, you have nothing to lose—it’s free to talk to them, and they receive no fees unless you win your case.

  • That question is where the idea for YourCase started. Perhaps you have searched “lawyers near me,” and been overwhelmed by the search results. At YourCase, we worked hard to simplify things. Here all you have to do is complete our quick and easy questionnaire. Once that’s done, we can connect you to a trusted attorney who can not only can take on your case, but who has experience with issues like yours and is ready to fight for you to get the best settlement. From there, you’ll have a free consultation with your potential new law firm. You’ll want to evaluate them based on your own criteria:

    • “Do I trust them with my case?”
    • “Do they understand my case?”
    • “How much money do they think I can win?”
    • “Do they seem to understand my case?”
  • A personal injury lawyer, sometimes just called an “injury attorney,” is a civil litigator who represents the interests of people who have sustained an injury due to the carelessness of someone else. These injuries can include:

    • Car accidents—You may be a driver, passenger, pedestrian or biker. Injuries can be physical—such as whiplash, stiffness, bruises, broken bones and fractures – or they may be of a different nature, such as financial loss and psychological hardship.
    • Medical malpractice—Have you been misdiagnosed? Did a doctor fail to recognize a serious health condition? Have you received improper treatment? Did your pharmacy make a mistake? Was there an injury caused during birth? You may be entitled to compensation.
    • Workplace accident—Did you slip and fall at your workplace? Did you have an accident in a company vehicle? Have you suffered from repetitive motion or overexertion? Were you struck by a falling object? Any injury sustained at your place of work or while on the clock could be the basis for you receiving significant compensation.
    • Premise injury—Premise liability cases involve incidents in which you are harmed or endangered by unsafe conditions on someone else’s property. For example: slip and falls, elevator accidents, missing handrails, unaddressed snow or ice, broken or non-functioning safety devices, inadequate lighting, insufficient security, swimming pool accidents, toxic chemicals or fumes, etc.
    • Other injuries—Any case that has caused physical, mental or emotional damage or suffering may be worth pursuing in court. These include dog bites (or bites from other animals), boating accidents, defective products, motorcycle accidents, construction site accidents, burn injuries, brain injuries, lung damage, spinal cord injuries and wrongful death.
  • If you’re wondering if you should talk to a lawyer, you probably should. After all, it’s free. You see, all of the attorneys YourCase works with are contingency-based, which means that all of their fees are paid as a percentage of the final settlement. You’ll never have to pay a penny out-of-pocket. So if you think you might have a case, it’s worth talking to a lawyer to get their opinion.

  • Our lawyers work with clients who are seeking financial restitution. That covers a wide range of cases – way more than we could list in one place. So if you're unsure, answer the quick questionnaire, and find a lawyer who handles cases like yours.

  • We're a company that believes everyone should have access to the legal help they need. And we're starting by making it easier to find a lawyer.

About YourCase

When you’ve been wronged, hurt or injured, it can turn your world upside down. And while the law may be on your side, dealing with the legal system can seem overwhelming – starting with finding a lawyer.

So, that’s where we started. We took the chore of searching for a lawyer and we simplified it. We eliminated the confusion, the stress and the timesuck. And we made it easier for anyone to find the legal help they need.

Because at YourCase, we believe everyone deserves a fair deal. And we believe a lawyer can help with that.

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